Legal Aid Assistance Programs

Helping low and moderate income families and individuals to find pro bono attorneys Oklahoma representation and answers to legal questions.

Legal professionals donating their time and expertise to the poor and low income in their community such as volunteer pro bono attorneys, law firms, paralegals, legal organization and programs, law students and nonprofit agencies.

CASES HANDLED: Divorce, Child Custody, Domestic Violence, Adoption, Education, Bankruptcy, Housing, Employment, Community Economic Development, Juvenile, Health, Consumer, Elder Law, AIDS/HIV, Immigration, Torts, Public Benefits, Wills.


Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma 2901 North Classen Blvd., Suite 112 Oklahoma City, OK 73106 Telephone: 918-584-3338 (Tulsa) or 405-488-6821 (OKC)

Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc. 2915 North Classen Boulevard Suite 500 Oklahoma City, OK 73106 Telephone: 405-557-0020 Fax: 405-524-1257

Oklahoma City University School of Law 2501 N. Blackwelder Oklahoma City, OK 73106 Telephone: (405) 208-5965 Fax: (405) 208-5089

Oklahoma City YouthBuild 3301 SW 17th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73108 Telephone: 405-601-5516 Fax: 405-681-8488

Oklahoma Indian Legal Services, Inc. 4200 Perimeter Center Drive Suite 222 Oklahoma City, OK 73112 Telephone: 405-943-6457 Fax: 405-917-7060

Reaching Our City, Inc. 7710 NW 10th St. Oklahoma City, OK 73127 Telephone: 405-440-9994 Fax: 405-440-9995

Victims Protective Order Outreach Clinic - Oklahoma County District Court 2901 North Classen Boulevard Suite 112 Oklahoma City, OK 73105 Telephone: 405-488-6823 Fax: 405-488-6763


Domestic Violence Intervention Services 4300 South Harvard Tulsa, OK 74135 Telephone: 918-585-3170

Homeless Legal Assistance Project (Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma) 907 South Detroit Avenue, Suite 725, Tulsa, OK 74120

Tulsa Lawyers for Children, Inc. P. O. Box 2254 Tulsa, OK 74101 Telephone: 918-425-5858 Fax: 918-425-5456

Intake Hotline (Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma, Inc.) 907 South Detroit Avenue Suite 725 Tulsa, OK 74120 Telephone: 918-428-4357

Oklahoma LawHelp Website 907 South Detroit Avenue Suite 725 Tulsa, OK 74120 Telephone: 918-295-9439 or 800-299-3338 Fax: 918-895-6139

The University of Tulsa College of Law 3120 East Fourth Place Tulsa, OK 74104 Telephone: 918-631-2890 Fax: 918-631-3707

Youth Services of Tulsa-Youth Court 311 South Madison Tulsa, OK 74120 Telephone: 918-582-0061 Fax: 918-382-3483


Trinity Legal Clinic of Oklahoma, Inc. P.O. Box 7868 Edmond, OK 73083 Telephone: 405-410-4544

University of Oklahoma College of Law 300 Timberdell Road Norman, OK 73019 Telephone: 405-325-4717

Community Crisis Center, Inc. 17 N Main Street Miami, OK 74354 Telephone: 918-540-2275 Fax: 918-540-3228

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