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Bankruptcy Lawyers help you get financial relief, wipe out debts, fight credit harassment and find peace of mind to start over.

When individuals or business own more money than they can afford to pay, the solution may be to declare bankruptcy.

BANKRUPTCY is a federal system of statues and courts that permits individuals and business which are insolvent or, in some cases, face potential insolvency to place their financial affairs under the control of the bankruptcy court.

It is a legal procedure that relives debt.


The most common petition is under Chapter 7, in which a trustee is appointed by the court. The current assets (with many of them exempt from bankruptcy) are counted up by the trustee who pays debt with the extent possible with priority for taxes, then secured debts(mortgage or some judgments) and finally unsecured debts.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows a business to refinance and reorganize in order to be able to prevent final insolvency.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy: similar to chapter 11 but caters to individuals who can work out payment schedules. With this court-supervised plan you don't lose all your possessions and your credit score is not as seriously damaged as it is with total bankruptcy.

A declaration of bankruptcy will stay in your credit report for 10 years. During that period, it will be extremely hard or even impossible to borrow money or get credit.

Child support, alimony, taxes, fraudulent transactions and most student loans are NOT dischargeable in bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy attorneys will help you file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code which can solve your financial and debt problems.

A knowledgeable Bankruptcy Lawyer or law firm will:

  • Offer free phone and live consultations
  • Offer payment plans, low, affordable fees
  • Eliminate or reduce IRS debt
  • Help you retain your income, pension, 401K and assets
  • Stop creditor harassment, vehicle repossession, wage garnishments
  • Help you save your home and/or business
  • Stop law suits and levies
  • Help you reorganize debts
  • Offer a personalized service
  • Help you with medical bills
  • Offer prompt and courteous services
  • Emergency bankruptcy filling

Some bankruptcy lawyers and law firms also offer a free credit repair kit when the case is finished.

Choose a lawyer that is a nationally certified consumer bankruptcy specialist.

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