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Most cheap bankruptcy lawyers Idaho will offer free consultation and give you a straightforward and honest analysis of your case by evaluating the facts you have presented. United States laws allow its citizens to start over by reducing or eliminating their debt by filling bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases are more complex and are a lot harder to successfully complete on your own. These cases have many pitfalls for self-represented debtors and require hiring an experienced attorney to guide you through the process.

Many attorneys can file your case with a small amount up-front and build the remainder of their fees into your repayment plan.


Kevin M Rogers 200 West Front St., Boise, ID 83702 (208) 287´7400   

William J. O'Connor 824 West Franklin Street, Boise, ID 83702 (208) 344´5095   

Natasha Nassar Hazlett 3649 N. Lakeharbor Lane, Boise, ID 83703 (208) 384´8588   

Janice Newell 200 W Front St, Boise City, ID 83702 (208) 287´7700   

Richard Donald Himberger 575 E Parkcenter Blvd, Boise City, ID 83706 (208) 336´8442   

Ann Jacquot 7671 N. 4th St., Dalton Gardens, ID 83815 (208) 209´6399   

Steven L Wetzel 770 South Woodruff Avenue, Idaho Falls, ID 83401 (208) 278´1196

Steve P Carpenter 482 Constitution Way, Idaho Falls, ID 83402 (208) 521´4529   

Nolan Sorensen 2176 East Franklin Road, Meridian, ID 83642 (208) 473´2188   

Mark Avery 3080 E Gentry Way, Meridian, ID 83642 (208) 285´2085   

Andrea Hunter 204 E. 1st Street, Moscow, ID 83843 (208) 882´6749       

Angela C. Sasser 16070 Idaho Center Blvd., Nampa, ID 83687 (208) 465´8897   

Ms. Deborah Alison Gates 1009 West Sanetta Street, Nampa, ID 83651 (208) 463´0793   

Lane V. Erickson 201 W Center St, Pocatello, ID 83204 (208) 232´6101   

Conrad J. Aiken 201 E Center St, Pocatello, ID 83201  (208) 232´6101   

Stephen J. Muhonen 201 E Center St, Pocatello, ID 83201 (208) 232´6101   

Heidi Buck Morrison 201 E Center St, Pocatello, ID 83201 (208) 232´6101   

Seth Platts 780 Eastland Drive, Twin Falls, ID 83301 (208) 918´0142       

Tyler McGee 780 Eastland Drive, Twin Falls, ID 83301 (208) 918´0142   

Justin May 516 Hansen St. East, Twin Falls, ID 83303 (208) 733´7180   

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