An employment verification letter template form is used to provide information that a specific person's is an employee of a company and has a regular and steady salary with substantial job security.

It is used for: prove the individual has a steady source of income in order to get a loan, rent a home or apartment, rent a commercial place.

It is required by a number of person or organizations such as: lenders, home owners/landlord, insurance companies, the passport/Visa Offices, government offices or institution, credit card companies and other organizations.

This official document should:

  • be a formal business communication
  • be short and to the point
  • establish that a certain person is working in your company

It should contain:

  • company’s letterhead info
  • statement that you are an employee of the organization,
  • the designation that you hold
  • joining date
  • current salary
  • work hours, days and probationary or non-probationary status
  • attaching a proof or even legalizing the proof of employment letter, is not mandatory
  • qualities such as honesty and hardworking nature, in addition to, punctual and personality, is not mandatory






________________________, ____ of ________________ of 20____.

RE: Employment Verification


This letter is to inform that ______________________________ (Name) is employed with ___________________________________________ (Firm) full-time/part-time and on permanent basis. He/She has been working here for the past _____(number of months) and is not on a probationary basis.

Position Held: ___________________________________________________________________

Duties performed: ____________________________________________________________

Annual Salary Income: $____________

Number of working hours ___________ every day/week/month.

We are pleased to inform you that __________________ (employee's name) is punctual, honest, precise, hard working, and a valuable asset to our organization.

Please feel free to contact our Human Resource Department at _________________ (phone #), if you need any further details.

I/we, ___________________________ (Chairman/CEO), state that the details provided above are true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge.



Chairman/CEO, Company's Name


Human Resource Department, Company's Name

To get information on how to obtain a Proof of Income Letter sample from Social Security Administration Services go to: 

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