Experienced, Top Rated Personal Injury Lawyers can help if you have been hurt when involved in an auto, bus or motorcycle accident.

Most personal injury attorneys will work with you on a CONTINGENCY FEE (no recovery, no fee). You could be entitled to a large cash settlement. A GOOD PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY IN THE US OFFERS:

  • free consultations and case evaluations
  • no up-front charges
  • no attorneys fee until your case is won
  • home and hospitals visits
  • available 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • only a lawyer will be handling your case
  • will get the maximum recovery you are entitled

What to do in case you get involved in a vehicle accident:

  • If you are not hurt or seriouly injured and do not need medical assistance, get out of the vehicle and check on the others involved in the accident.
  • turn on your car's hazards emergency lights
  • Evaluate the situation. Determine the extent of injuries or damage.
  • Don't leave the accident scene.
  • If another driver or drivers are involved, get all the fact and essential information at the scene (Driver's names, license plates, phone numbers, addresses, and insurance information.)
  • Call the police (you'll need to file an accident report)
  • At the scene, provide a complete report of what happened only to the police and your insurance representative. Make no statements of innocence or guilt to anyone, at anytime.

Questions you should ask the personal injury lawyer:

  • Do I have a case?
  • How much does my case worth?
  • How long will my case take?
  • Do I have to go to court?
  • What's your percentage fee? (fees range from 15 to 40%)
  • Can I change lawyers?
  • Should we settle?

Be aware though, you may have to pay attorneys fee and legal costs to the opposing party in case of a loss.


Every SEVEN years, the average driver will be involved in a car accident in America.

The Insurance Information Institute states that the average judge or jury award in vehicle liability cases is $261,000 Dollars. Although, a good number of cases result in millions of dollars in awards.

If your vehicle is not well covered by an insurance from a reputable company, you could be responsible for every single penny your auto insurance does not cover.

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