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When writing a financial hardship letter be sure to clearly and honestly explain the set of circumstances that caused you to fall behind on your payments.

A financial hardship letter is used to explain your economic fallout and ask for assistance in getting it resolved. Don’t use it to complain about your creditor’s policies or agenda.

The average time for a response from the financial institution is 30 days. Below you’ll find a sample that can be modified to fit your specific needs.



(Your address)

(Bank or Creditor's Company Name)

(Mr./Ms. full name)

(Bank or Company's address)

RE: (Your account # if available)

Dear (Mr./Ms.):

I am writing this letter to request that you review my financial situation to determine if I qualify for a principle reduction/loan modification/short sale/loan workout option.

Since _________, many factors contributed to my involuntary inability to pay my monthly (credit card bills/loan payment/mortgage payments on our family home,) including ________________________________________________________________

(Attach documents as needed, including: letters, medical bills, bank statements, high utility bills, property taxes...)

I may have used credit cards, home equity loans or other credit to make my excessive monthly debt payments and now I am overextended with my creditors.

On top of that my income was significantly reduced due to (hours reduced, loss of employment, business failed). Attached you will find documents that can be used to support my claim. (Attach documents as needed, including: letters, current pay stubs, bank statements, incomes tax statements)

It is my belief that my current financial situation is only a minor set back and that I’ll be making my full payments again in ____ months. 

Please carefully consider my request. It is my intention to resolve this situation, so I can maintain my good credit and get rid of my debts as soon as possible.

I state that the information provided in this letter is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



(Your name and signature)

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Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, 

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Baron Mortgage, 

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Bay Mortgage, 

BenchMark Mortgage, 

Beach Mortgage, 

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Bank of America, 

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Blue Water Mortgage, 

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Carteret Mortgage, 

Castle Point Mortgage,

Castle Mortgage Services, 


Christian Mortgage Company, 

Citizens Fidelity Mortgage Company, 

Citizens Mortgage Company, 

Citizens National Bank, 

Cornestore Home Lending, 

Concord Mortgage, 

Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., 

Crystal Mortgage, 

Direct Realty Funding, Inc., 

Diamond Mortgage Group, 

Dream House Mortgage Corp., 

Dynamic Capital Mortgage, Inc., 

Earth Mortgage, 

East West Mortgage, 

East Coast Mortgage, 

Fannie Mae, 

First Capital, 

First Horizon, 

First Franklin, 

First Patriot Mortgage, 

Foundation Mortgage Corp., 

Garret Mortgage, 

Gateway Mortgage Group, 


Gold Key Mortgage, 

Gold Coast Mortgage, 

Gold Star Mortgage, 

Golden Empire Mortgage, 

Good Harbor Mortgage, 

Grand Oak Mortgage Co., 

Great Southwest Mortgage, 

Greentree Mortgage, 

GreenPoint Mortgage, 

Heritage Mortgage, 

Homeland Capital Mortgage, 

Hyannis Mortgage Corp., 

JP Morgan Chase Bank, 

Kauai Mortgage Company, Inc., 

King Mortgage, Inc., 

Leader Mortgage Co. Inc., 

Lehman Brothers Bank, 

Lighthouse Home Mortgage, Inc., 

Mortgage World, 

Mortgage Works Inc., 

Mortgage Plus, 

National City Mortgage, 

Navy Federal Credit Union, 

New Century Financial, 

NorStar Mortgage Group, 

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Option One Mortgage, 

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United Mortgage Group, 

USAA Federal Savings Bank, 

Viking Mortgage Co. LLC, 

Virtue Mortgage, 

Wachovia Bank, NA, 


Wells Fargo Bank, 

West Star Mortgage Corp.

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