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A growing number of people are struggling financially nowadays and need help paying bills to maintain themselves economically afloat.

Some bills are more important and time sensitive than others and cannot be ignored such as health issues, food, housing, emergency medical, court fines, child maintenance , mobility. Others can have a lower level of importance and can wait.

Do You Need Help Paying Rent?
If you need help paying your rent, there are government-assistance programs that can help.

These programs help the disabled, the low-income and hard-working individuals and families who’s salaries are insufficient to meet all their living needs.

To qualify for the programs you must be a law abiding citizen, have no felonies and provide proof of income.

Once approved the housing authority will sign the lease and pay the difference between the home or apartment's market rate and what the tenant is able to pay.

Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, Public Housing and Tax Credit Apartments - Income Restricted Communities, are programs that help the poor. Be aware, the demand is high and it can take a long time to be approved. Single women with children have priority over individuals.

Section 8 Housing can include appartments, private houses, and public government housing. The appicant must be below 50% of the area media income. Application is free of charge. Call 704 336-5183

HUD United States Department of Housing and Urban Development - assists low-income individuals and families looking for properties offering reduced rent options. Call 800 998-9999 or go to to apply.

Public Housing - assists disavantage families, veterans, the disabled, the elderly. For more information on getting affordable housing call: 704 336- 5183

Mortgage Assistance Programs - Helps individuals or families who need help paying their mortgage. Call 888 995-4673

  • Charities that can give rental assistance
  • Habitat for humanity --- homes
  • Salvationarmy
  • Catholic Charities

Call 800 876-0413 to locate a charity.

Need Help Paying for Food

Charities, churches or federal, state, and local government food assistance programs agencies may be able to provide some type of grocery items for free to low income individuals and families, single mother or father, the elderly or disabled.

  • Food assistance programs for low-income families:
  • SNAP food stamps
  • Grocery deliveries to seniors, the homebound or disabled
  • Free lunches or breakfast for students
  • Soup kitchens
  • Homeless shelters
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - formally Food Stamps helps pay for groceries
  • Free groceries from church or charity run food pantries
  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC): A federal assistance program that provides nutritious foods, groceries and commodities to supplement the diets of low-income pregnant, postpartum and breast-feeding women. The program also provides free formula feed newborns, infants, and children up to five years of age. Other non-profits that can help pregnant women and single mothers with a newborn are: Local Pantries,Feeding America, Local Churches, Food Banks, and the Department of Social Service offices.
  • Pregnancy Care Centers - assistance with providing infant formula, combined with medical check ups and other assistance for the mother and infant.

Need Help Paying Utility

Charities, government programs, non-profit organizations and resources offered directly by utility companies help low income households, the disabled, senior citizens, and single moms with utility, water bills, heating bills, and electric bills to keep their lights, heating and electric on.

Programs offering help with utility or electric bill:

  • Federal Government Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) near you. You can apply for the program at local government human or social service offices DSS or the Community action agencies.
  • Churches or local parishes such as: United Methodist, Catholic Charities, St. Vincent de Paul. Charities like the Salvation Army, community action and other organizations may assist with
  • Emergency electric or heating bill with a disconnection notice.
  • Most utility companies offer free energy conservation resources, discount services, payment plans to stop a shut off or give the customer more time, as well as other programs available through their own customers service assistance program.
  • Weatherization assistance program: weatherization will reduce heating bills by almost 35% and the it will lower energy bills by about $400/year.
  • Telephone and Internet Assistance Programs: The Lifeline program provides low income consumers along with people living in poverty a discount of up to $15 per month in most states. The Link-up program will pay for half of the telephone installation charges or deposits for installing a new home telephone service or activating a wireless phone to a maximum of $50.00 or so, depending on the state.Also, in many states you will not be required to pay a deposit if you request "local phone service only" and also request "long distance block" when connecting your service in many states. Call the Universal Service Administrative Company to learn more about the Lifeline or Link-Up programs at 1-888-641-8722.
  • Free cell or landline phone for seniors: call your local phone company and inquire into Lifeline for a wireless unit landline and get information on how to get a free iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or a Google Pixel phone. Or call one of the national providers for a low-cost, free phone such as Safelink at 1-800-723-3546. TracPhone at 1-800-867-7183, Access Wireless (1-888-900-5899) and Assurance at (888) 898-4888.

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