2000 divorce rates and marital status for females and males (15 years and older) in the United States:

  • United States Population: 281,421,906
  • Married-couple families : 54,493,232
  • Married-couple families with own children under 18 years of age: 24,835,505

NEVER MARRIED - Female: 27,009,217 Male: 30,980,734
NOW MARRIED, except separated - Female: 57,727,462 Male: 58,378,612
SEPARATED - Female: 2,916,327 Male: 1,878,943
WIDOWED - Female: 11,283,001 Male: 2,618,751
DIVORCED - Female: 12,326,369 Male: 9,032,100


The total numbers of U.S. divorces (excluding California, Colorado, Indiana and Louisiana) reported finalized annually are 957,200 in 2000, 944,317 in 1999, and 947,384 in 1998.

The total numbers of U.S. marriages (including California, Colorado, Indiana and Louisiana) reported celebrated annually are 2,355,005 in 2000, 2,366,623 in 1999, and 2,267,854 in 1998.

45 - 53% of marriages taking place right now that will eventually divorce.

60% of remarriages end in divorce.

76 % of second marriages fail within five years.

87 % of third marriages fail.

93 % of fourth marriages end in divorce within five years.


Couples are increasingly shifting from marriage to cohabitation, whitch is not necessarily good news, especially for children. In the US 40% of parents bring their children into these often-unstable live-in relationships.

65% - percentage of men and women who live together before getting married

55% of cohabitating couples get married within five years of moving in together.

40% of couples who live together break up within five years.

Percentage of children who grow up with both biological parents in the US: 63%

Percentage of coupled households that are made up of unmarried, heterosexual partners: 8.1%

Number of cohabitating, unmarried couples:

4.2 million in 1998
439,000 in 1963

The U.S. divorce rate is 17.7 per 1,000 married women, down from 22.6 in 1980.

The marriage rate is also on a steady decline: a 50% drop since 1970 from 76.5 per 1,000 unmarried women to 39.9


Nearly half of marriages in which the bride is 18 or younger end in separation or divorce within 10 years.

50% of people who marry under age 18 end up divorced
40% of people who marry under age 20 end up divorced
24% of people who marry after age 25 end up divorced

People who get married between the ages of 23-27 are much less likely to get divorced than those who marry as teens.

They are also much more likely to be in high-quality marriages than people who marry in their late twenties or later.

TOP 3 Reasons Given For Divorce:

1 - lack of commitment
2 - too much conflict and arguing
3 - infidelity

What is the #1 reason you and your wife split up?:

  • She was unfaithful - 22%
  • We grew apart - 21%
  • We fell out of love - 16%
  • We argued constantly - 13%
  • No longer sexually attracted - 5%
  • I was unfaithful - 3%
  • Other - 20%

Source: Men's Health: Best Life, September/ October 2004

ARMED FORCES - Divorce Rates

Divorces in the Army nearly doubled from 2001 to 2004.

About 20% of marriages end within 2 years when one spouse has been sent off to war.

6.3% of active duty enlisted men and 11.1% of enlisted women are currently divorced or annulled.


Net worths of people near retirement:

Married individuals - $410,000 ($205,000 each)
Single, never married individuals - $167,000
Single, divorced individuals - $154,000

Net worths for young parents:

Married couples - $26,000 ($13,000 each)
Remarried couples - $22,500
Couples living together - $1,000
Single mothers had no net worth


80% - Percentage of cheating men who get caught.

64% - Percentage of couples who preserve their marriage after an affair.

78% - Of those couples who remain married despite an affair describe the marriage as unhappy or empty.

31% - Percentage of marriages that separate after an affair has been admitted to or discovered.

Average length of an affair: 2 years

Source: U.S. Census Bureau 2000, National Center for Health Statistics, Annual Review of Sociology

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