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Tax lawyers

Tax lawyers have advanced training in the complex, technical and legal issues associated with tax law. 

Dedicated tax attorneys counsel and advise individuals and businesses involved in sensitive criminal and civil tax law disputes, offering comprehensive and confidential tax planning services.


Tax lawyers possess in-depth experience and knowledge of the constantly changing tax laws and have the judgment necessary to provide creative advice and advocacy of the highest caliber to resolve complicated tax issues.

State and local tax (SALT), US federal and international tax lawyers bring their knowledge and experience to each client matter.

This website lists tax practice individual lawyers, law firms and litigators and other leading practitioners who offer the most strategic and practical advice on virtually every aspect of tax law.

Inside our listing you can find and hire one of the top tax practices with subject-specific knowledge in the US. 

Accessing free tax assistance lawyers in the US is crucial for individuals facing tax-related challenges and legal issues. By exploring resources such as legal aid organizations, bar associations, and pro bono programs, individuals can find qualified legal representation to help them navigate tax matters effectively.

Whether you're dealing with IRS audits, tax disputes, or seeking assistance with tax preparation, free tax assistance lawyers can provide invaluable support and guidance, ensuring that your rights are protected and that you achieve the best possible outcome for your tax situation.


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How to Find Free Tax Assistance & Lawyers

Finding free tax assistance lawyers requires thorough research and exploration of available resources. Here are several avenues to consider when seeking free legal help with tax-related matters:

  • Legal Aid Organizations: Many legal aid organizations offer free or low-cost legal services, including assistance with tax-related issues. These organizations often have dedicated programs or clinics staffed by volunteer attorneys who provide free legal representation to individuals in need.
  • Bar Associations: Local bar associations may offer referral services that connect individuals with tax assistance lawyers who offer free or reduced-fee consultations or services based on income eligibility.
  • IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program: The IRS operates the VITA program, which provides free tax preparation services to individuals with low to moderate incomes, persons with disabilities, and limited English-speaking taxpayers. While VITA volunteers are not lawyers, they can provide valuable assistance with tax preparation and basic tax-related questions.
  • Pro Bono Programs: Some law firms and legal organizations participate in pro bono programs that offer free legal services to individuals facing financial hardship. These programs may include assistance with tax issues, including audits, appeals, and negotiations with tax authorities.

The difference between tax attorneys and accountants:

Attorneys don’t just handle numbers, they handle the law. For that reason, Tax attorneys can handle certain issues that accountants cannot.

  • having a taxable estate
  • starting a business or international business
  • bringing a suit against the IRS
  • or if you've committed tax fraud

An attorney will came in handy to help you with contracts, tax treatment, representation, and other legal matters.

Questions to ask a prospective tax attorney. Is he/she:

  • admitted to the state bar?
  • specialized in tax law?
  • charge by the hour, a flat fee or a contingency fee?
  • will be able to help you?
  • If not, is there a law firm or colleague who may be more familiar with my type of tax problem you can refer me to?

FAQs About Finding Free Tax Assistance Lawyers

Q: Can I get free legal assistance for tax issues if I'm not low-income?

A: While many free legal assistance programs prioritize serving low-income individuals, some organizations may offer free or reduced-fee services to individuals facing financial hardship, regardless of income level. It's essential to inquire with the specific organization or program about their eligibility criteria.

Q: What types of tax issues can free tax assistance lawyers help with?

A: Free tax assistance lawyers can provide guidance and representation for a wide range of tax-related matters, including IRS audits, tax disputes, tax debt relief, tax planning, and compliance with tax laws and regulations.

Q: How can I qualify for free tax preparation services through the VITA program?

A: To qualify for free tax preparation services through the VITA program, individuals must generally have a low to moderate income, disabilities, or limited English proficiency. Eligibility requirements may vary depending on the specific VITA site, so it's advisable to check with your local VITA location for more information.

Q: Are there any limitations to the services provided by free tax assistance lawyers?

A: While free tax assistance lawyers can offer valuable guidance and representation, they may have limitations on the scope of services they can provide, depending on their resources and expertise. It's essential to discuss your specific needs and circumstances with the lawyer or organization to determine the extent of assistance available.

Free and Low-Cost Legal Assistance

Free legal aid clinics provide free or low-cost legal tax assistance to low-income taxpayers in the United States. The Taxpayer Advocate Service is an independent organization within the IRS that funds in part these tax clinics. 

How to Find Free Tax Assistance Lawyers in the US

Finding free tax assistance lawyers in the United States can be a critical step for individuals facing complex tax issues and legal challenges. Whether you're dealing with tax disputes, audits, or seeking guidance on tax laws, accessing free legal assistance can make a significant difference in navigating these matters effectively. This comprehensive guide explores various strategies and resources available to help you find qualified tax assistance lawyers who offer their services at no cost.

Understanding the Need for Tax Assistance Lawyers

Navigating the intricacies of tax law can be daunting, especially when faced with issues such as IRS audits, tax disputes, or legal proceedings. Tax assistance lawyers specialize in providing guidance and representation to individuals and businesses dealing with tax-related matters, ensuring compliance with tax laws and protecting their clients' rights.

Importance of Free Tax Assistance Lawyers

For individuals with limited financial resources, accessing free tax assistance lawyers is crucial in obtaining the necessary legal help without adding to their financial burden. These lawyers can provide invaluable guidance and representation, helping individuals resolve tax issues effectively and mitigate potential legal consequences.


The US government offers a range of incentives to encourage private investment, business expansion and job creation within their State and local jurisdictions.

Tax attorneys can identify and claim the right mix of incentives packages, also help offset costs when business consider expanding existing facilities, relocating or adding jobs.

Before a company’s planned investment is initiated, the early involvement of an experienced tax attorney can improve a company’s leverage when negotiating incentives with state and local officials.

Tax attorneys offer in-depth knowledge and representation before the IRS and State taxing authorities. Also, State and Federal tax consulting and complex State and Federal tax return preparation.


US taxpayers are subject to some of the highest tax rates on the planet.

US taxpayers are constantly under threat of IRS audits. Individual and corporate taxpayers need sophisticated, effective legal guidance.

New rates for the federal tax brackets in 2019:

  1. 10 percent, 
  2. 12 percent, 
  3. 22 percent, 
  4. 24 percent, 
  5. 32 percent, 
  6. 35 percent 
  7. and 37 percent.

The bracket depends on filing status and taxable income.

Tax rate 10%

  • Single - $0 to $9,700
  • Married, filing jointly - $0 to $9,700     
  • Married, filing separately - $0 to $19,400
  • Head of household - $0 to $13,850


  • Single - $9,701 to $39,475
  • Married, filing jointly - $19,401 to $78,950
  • Married, filing separately - $9,701 to $39,475
  • Head of household - $13,851 to $52,850


  • Single - $39,476 to $84,200
  • Married, filing jointly - $78,951 to $168,400
  • Married, filing separately - $39,476 to $84,200
  • Head of household - $52,851 to $84,200


  • Single - $84,201 to $160,725
  • Married, filing jointly - $168,401 to $321,450
  • Married, filing separately - $84,201 to $160,725
  • Head of household - $84,201 to $160,700


  • Single - $160,726 to $204,100
  • Married, filing jointly - $321,451 to $408,200
  • Married, filing separately - $160,726 to $204,100
  • Head of household - $160,701 to $204,100


  • Single - $204,101 to $510,300
  • Married, filing jointly - $408,201 to $612,350
  • Married, filing separately - $204,101 to $306,175
  • Head of household - $204,101 to $510,300


  • Single - $510,301 or more
  • Married, filing jointly - $612,351 or more
  • Married, filing separately - $306,176 or more
  • Head of household - $510,301 or more


Here are two common ways of reducing your tax bill, get into a lower tax bracket and pay a lower rate.

Tax deductions: reduce how much of your income is subject to taxes. They lower your taxable income by the percentage of your highest federal income tax bracket. 

Tax credits: reduce the amount of tax owed, but credits don’t affect what bracket you’re in.

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