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An employment contract addresses many aspects of the employment relationship, such as:


  • Employee's responsibilities
  • Duration of the job (months, years, or indefinitely)
  • Grounds for termination
  • Benefits (health insurance, disability leave, vacation leave, and other)

  • Work product ownership (books or inventions rights)
  • Company's trade secrets and client lists protection
  • Limitations on the employee's ability to compete with your business once he/she leaves employment
  • The method for resolving disputes


    By and between ___________________________ referred to as "Company", and ___________________________ referred to as "the Employee".

    Employee, of ______________________________________________, hereby agrees to be employed by the Company located at _____________________________________________ on the following terms and conditions:

    DURATION OF EMPLOYMENT: Employee's agreement shall remain in effect until it is terminated by either party, commencing on ______________________ (Start date).

    DUTIES: Employee agrees to perform the duties set out herein: _____________________________________________________________

    Employee shall perform such further duties as are customarily performed by one holding such position in other businesses of the same or similar nature as that engaged in by Company.

    COMPENSATION: In consideration of the foregoing, Company shall pay Employee a salary of $____________ per year, for Employee's services, payable ___________________________.

    TERMINATION: This agreement may be terminated earlier upon (1) death of Employee or illness or incapacity that prevents Employee from performing his/her duties for a period of more than _____ weeks in any calendar year and (2) breach of the agreement by Employee. Such option shall be exercised by Employer giving a notice to Employee by certified mail, addressed to him in care of employer. With such notice, this agreement shall cease and come to an end _______ days after in which the notice is mailed.

    NON-DISCLOSURE: Employee agrees not to disclose any of Company's trade marks during or after the employment.

    ARBITRATION: In the event of any dispute over this agreement, it shall be resolved through binding arbitration under the rules of the American Arbitration Association.

    In witness whereof, both parties have signed this agreement on ____/____/____ (date) at ___________________________________ (place of execution).



    Reasons for using an employment contract:

    • Having more control over the employee's ability to leave (when it is costly or time-consuming finding or training a replacement).
    • To convince a highly skilled candidate to work for you instead of the competition. By offering beneficial terms and job security.
    • Acontract can give you greater control over the employee, giving grounds for termination if he or she under-performs.
    • The employee must give enough notice to find and train a suitable replacement.
    • If employee will be learning confidential and sensitive information about the business, confidentiality clauses can prevent employees from disclosing such information or using it for competing against the company after leaving.

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