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If you are looking for free background checks you are not going to find it online.

The are websites that perform a search for you for a fee, including the ones advertising on this site. In order to get an absolutely free background look up, you’ll have to do some work.

Your Local Law Enforcement Agency

The local police department or law enforcement agency can provide a copy of a person’s public criminal records or lack of it (certificate of good conduct).

In order to avoid fees and get an absolutely free background check, ask the attendant to transfer the information to your blank DVD disc or flash-drive. Most agencies will offer this option. Don’t forget to bring a photo ID or the name, date of birth and all known addresses (including the current if possible) of the person you want to check. Local law enforcement agencies may require your personal appearance in order to conduct the background search.

Average costs charged by the Police Department’s Criminal Record Division for copies of reports or background checks:

  • Police Reports: $5-10 each report
  • Police Reports on Microfilm: $4 per page, $1 additional page
  • Background Check (SCOPE): $10-18
  • Employment Background Check: $10 - 20 (Employer must present a release signed by the employee to be checked)
  • Register Handguns: No charge

The FBI Identification Record

A criminal background check or a criminal history record can be obtained through the FBI Identification Record. Also known as RAP SHEET, the listing contain certain information related to arrests, naturalization, federal employment and military services.

Submit a written request to the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services. The (CJIS) Division processes requests to those who want to obtain a copy of their own records for personal review or a proof that a record does not exist.


  • complete mailing address, telephone number and/or e-mail address
  • original fingerprint card with all 10 fingerprints and impressions and with name and date of birth or taken by fingerprinting technician at a law enforcement agency (no older than 18 months.)
  • money order or cashier’s check for $18 U.S. Dollars per copy for each person to be checked made payable to the Treasury of the United States or credit card information (no personal checks, business checks or cash.)
  • signed applicant information form (available at the FBI's website)


FBI CJIS Division – Criminal Record Request
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, WV 26306

A record provided by the CJIS Division is used for personal review and may lack information and/or arrest records that are maintained only at the state level. Contact the FBI office near you for more information on items required.

Processing time may take approximately four to eight weeks. FBI Background Check cost: $40

Sex Offender/Child Molester Search

Parents, employers, and other concerned citizens can use websites such as the Megan's Law Sex Offender Website and Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW), to identify and locate sex offenders living, working, and attending school in their neighborhoods or in nearby states as well.

These websites provide free background checks and information online on name, aliases, address, Scars/Marks/Tattoos, criminal charges, case numbers, conviction details and time of incarceration of sex offenders. Most results will also display the offender’s picture.

About Records That Have Been Sealed

If the criminal records of an individual cannot be obtained due to the reason it have been expunged or sealed, there’s a way of getting the arrest record from the COURT he/she was convicted.

The U.S. Customs also can help you locate arrest records.


Reasons for a background check include:

  • Someone you started dating
  • Tenant Screening for a house, apartment or room
  • New neighbor
  • Potential employees, nanny, driver, maid
  • For adopting a child in the U.S. or internationally
  • To satisfy a requirement to live, work, or travel in a foreign country
  • Or just checking someone up

Online Background Checks

When time is of an essence, you could always try the fee-based websites to check criminal records online instantly. But most of these sites will not provide all the information (only names, addresses, phone numbers) and/or the info will, in many cases, be outdated. Cost range from $1.95 to $85 Dollars.

For a complete, up-to-date background check it is suggested contacting the local Police Department or the FBI.

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