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A person must provide proof of earned income details in order to determine eligibility and qualified for certain bank loans, rent a space or other circumstances.

Documents such as certified copies of bank statements, tax returns, or copies of legal papers (payment of court awarded child care payments, lawsuits, alimony) are acceptable forms of firsthand income verification.



Income from assets: which is generated from savings accounts, certificates of deposits, stocks and mutual funds, real estate, and other items held for investment purposes

Asset income is added to regular income for purposes of determining annual income.


Traditional Earned Income: wages and salaries including overtime, bonuses and other additional compensation

Assistance Payments and Benefits: welfare, social security, pensions, unemployment compensation, worker's compensation for injuries, and other periodic payments.

Gross Income: is your yearly income including the taxes that is deducted by the federal government.

Net Income: is what you actually take home after taxes.

When estimating income for the coming twelve month period, make sure to disclose any anticipated income including bonuses, expected raises, cost of living adjustments, and other likely changes. 

Third-party written proof of income verifications are preferred such as: a letter from the income source, or a form letter (on management agent letterhead) certifying the amount of income.



__________________________________(Company's representative)

__________________________________(Company's Name)

__________________________________(Company's Address)

__________________________________(Company's phone number)

RE: Earned Income Verification - Loan Request

Dear (Ms/Mr. _______________________:)

This letter is a request for your careful evaluation of my economic situation in order to make your decision to grant my (loan, mortgage).

Since (year), I work at (company's name) and make ($) a month. Which is, as you'll see, more than enough to cover all my bills and the house payment.

Enclosed please find my (w2's, pay slips, tax returns, bank statements) and other documents that will proof my income. Also, a detailed chart of my monthly expenses including car, credit cards and house payments.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (Your Phone #).

Thank you for your prompt attention to this request.


_________________________________________(Your Signature)

_________________________________________(Your Name)


_________________________________________(Phone number)

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Earned Income Letter
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