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It is the Americans' constitutional right to have criminal defense attorneys and to receive an effective representation in criminal court.

Criminal defense practice involves administrative, trial, and appellate practice.

When researching for a lawyer to defend your liberty one must look for some attributes such as: integrity, expertise, responsiveness, legal ethics, professional responsibility, problem-solving skills, and cost-effectiveness.

Also, a professional who can provide zealous, client-centered representation and who is well-respected and admired in the legal community.

When assessing a criminal case and conducting a trial it is important for a defense attorney to know and have good relationship with the local judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers, effective collaborating and working as part of a team. Someone who finds it easy dealing with clients, courts, interviewing witnesses, conducting fact investigation, plea negotiations, working with experts, suppression motions, and trials.

It is important to select a lawyer who concentrates, focus and have a special knowledge in the particular area of criminal defense law you have been accused of participating or committing.

Types of common crimes committed in the US:

Armed robbery




Car jacking

Child molestation including child sexual abuse

Child pornography

Computer sex crimes

Domestic abuse/child abuse


Drug possession

Drug sales



Home invasion

Intellectual property fraud



Money laundering


Negligent homicide

Organized crime

Public sexual indecency/lewd acts


Sarbanes-Oxley Act violations

Sexual assault

Tax evasion

Weapons possession

White collar theft

Criminal defense lawyers defend individuals who have committed a crime and those whose civil rights have been violated.

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