Legal DNA Affidavit Letter Sample

For unmarried fathers, a voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity can help establish the legal rights and responsibilities as the child's parent.

Child visitation, custody and child support can only be ordered by the court after paternity is established. This can be accomplished  when the alleged father voluntarily admits to be the father or is ordered by the court to provide saliva sample for the genetic (DNA) testing to be compared to the mother and child.

In order to establish paternity right after the birth of a child, a declaration of paternity can be provided at the hospital and after completed and signed by both parents without having to go to court.

Also, the Department of Child Support Services can provide a Declaration of Paternity to be completed if it was not done at the hospital right after the birth.

Reasons for writing an Acknowledgment of Paternity letter:

  • Be considered legally as the parent
  • Have custody or visitation rights
  • Have rights and responsibilities for the child
  • Name to be added to the child’s birth certificate
  • Add the child to the father’s health insurance policy plan
  • Allow child to be the father’s heir
  • Make sure financial responsibilities like child support are met
  • Care for the child emotionally
  • Establish father and child relationship
  • Be consulted in case of adoption
  • Provide access to family medical records in case of a hereditary disease 
  • Be eligible for Veteran's and Social Security benefits

The Declaration of Paternity form can be obtained at the following:

  • Public and private hospitals’ Licensed Birthing Units
  • Local Departments of Child Support Services
  • Department of Social Services
  • Local Registrars of Births and Deaths
  • Family Law Facilitators Offices at all superior courts in the County

Here's an example of voluntary paternity acknowledgment letter for personal use ONLY. Consult a licensed attorney in your state of residence before signing any legal document.



I,‭ _________________________________ (Name of the Father)‬,‭ ‬of sound state of mind, legal age,‭ ____________ (Married/Single) ‬and a resident of‭ ________________________________ (Father’s address)‬,‭ ‬having been duly sworn to‭ ‬in accordance by law of the State of ________________ do hereby declare that: 

I am the biological father of the child‭ named _________________________________‬,‭ a ___________ (male/female) infant ‬born on‭ ‬___/___/_______ in‭ _______________________________(City, State) at ___________________________________ (Hospital’s name and address);

‭That the child’s mother ___________________________________(Name of the Mother) and I were ______________ (Married/Not Married) to each other at the time of the birth; 

Genetic DNA testing ___________(Has/Has Not) been conducted to prove this child's paternity;

I hereby agree to a custody agreement, to be determined __________________ (by the courts/by mediation/by private arrangement between both parents);

‭I further declare that I agree to ‬support my ___________ (Son/‭Daughter) and allow _____ (Him/Her) to use my surname‭.

Dated this___________________ day of _________________________,20_____.


Signature of the Father


Name of the Father


Sworn to and subscribed before me  on this ____ day of ____________ of 20____.

STATE OF____________________________

COUNTY OF___________________________

Witness my hand and official seal.

Signature __________________________  My Commission Expires ___/___/______

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Acknowledgment of Paternity
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