A notice to vacate is a formal letter used by a tenant or landlord indicating that a house or apartment is about to be vacant.

This document is often used by a tenant in order to inform the landlord or property management company of the intention to vacate the rental house or apartment within a certain period, usually between 5 to 30 days or more depending on the lease contract.

It is also used by landlords to notify the tenant of the need to have the property empty, have his possessions removed from the property and return the keys by the end of the lease or by a specified date or time frame defined in the terms of the rental lease agreement .

In most states a month-to-month lease is used and require a 30 days notice for residential lease.

A 30 day notice is often used in cases such:

  • lease agreement has ended
  • just want the tenant to leave
  • property has been sold
  • Property has been condemned
  • late payment or nonpayment of rent
  • cause physical injury to the property
  • breach in the contract (tenant has violated the terms of the lease)
  • pose a health hazard

Information to include in the notice:

  • date of notice
  • date expected to vacate
  • tenant(s) names, address and unit number of the apartment or house
  • landlord’ name and contact information.
  • security deposit
  • cleaning fees (if applicable)
  • move-out inspection
  • reason for leaving
  • reason for the request
  • signature of person giving Notice

Tenants should read the lease agreement carefully in order to avoid any headache cause by the violation of the terms.



(Your Name)

(Your Current Address)

Re : Notice to Vacate

Dear (Landlord’s Name or Property Management Company),

This letter is to notify you of my intention to vacate the above-mentioned house/apartment in ______ days. I will be out on ___/___/___, the end of my current lease.

Conform the terms of our lease agreement the house/apartment will be left clean and in good condition. So, I expect that my security deposit of $____________, given to you on ___/___/___, will be refunded in full at the time I deliver the keys.

I wish to vacate the apartment for _____________________________________(reason). If you have any questions, or need schedule an inspection of the apartment/house during this period I can be reached at ______________. My forwarding address will be _________________________.



(Your Signature)

(Your Name)

(Your Current Address)



(Your Name)


(Tenant's Name)


Subject: Notice to Vacate.

This letter serves as written notice to vacate the apartment within ______ days of the date of writing this letter.

You are being asked to find a new apartment/house during the period of this notice. You must remove all your possessions and leave the premises by ___/___/___. Please return the keys to the office as soon as you vacate the property.

Thank you.


(Landlord’s name or property management company)

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