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Get dedicated, Top-notch Brownsville tax attorneys to handle your case and assist you on reducing or eliminating IRS levies and penalties. 

The IRS has the power to put a lien on your home, garnish your wages, seize money from your bank account, take your your car and your retirement account, and charge a number of significant penalties. You want someone to step in to deal with the IRS in your place, you do not want to deal with them yourself.

Tax attorneys assist individuals to comply with the complex US tax system and navigate  through the credits, deductions and exemptions allowed by the law. They also assist both individuals and businesses in tax disputes.


The Duncan Tax Lawyer Network 2505 International Blvd # 9 Brownsville, TX 78521 (512) 253'1871

Tax Relief Network of Brownsville 2721 Boca Chica Blvd # 9 Brownsville, TX 78521 (512) 253'1877

Adequate Tax 4922 Southmost Rd Ste 9 Brownsville, TX 78521 (956) 215'7305

The Green City Tax Lawyers 2440 Pablo Kisel Blvd Brownsville, TX 78526 (956) 307'6486

Royston Rayzor Vickery & Williams LLP 55 Cove Cir Brownsville, TX 78521 (956) 542'4377

Ransome & Ray PC 550 E Levee St Brownsville, TX 78520 (956) 542'3642

Ernesto Velarde Danache 1650 Paredes Line Rd Brownsville, TX 78521 (956) 548'9098

The Green City Tax Lawyers 2440 Pablo Kisel Boulevard Brownsville, TX (956) 307'6486

Tax Lawyers Now 2601 Farm to Market 802 Brownsville, TX (888) 605'5608

IRS Tax Relief Lawyers of Brownsville 2814 International Blvd, Suite # 9 Brownsville, TX (956) 203'0378

Tax Relief Lawyers Now 5504 N Expressway Brownsville, TX (888) 605'5615

The Tax Relief Lawyers 6 Springmart Blvd #96 Brownsville, TX (888) 605'5619

Tax Attorney 2915 Boca Chica Boulevard, Suite 15 Brownsville, TX (888) 577'9082

Tax Relief Lawyers 1811 Central Boulevard Brownsville, TX (888) 605'5609

Tax Relief Attorneys 2300 Boca Chica Blvd Brownsville, TX (888) 605'5610

IRS Tax Attorney 966 East Harrison Street, Suite 16 Brownsville, TX (888) 577'9083

Tax Attorneys Now 651 Sunrise Boulevard Brownsville, TX (888) 605'5617

L. Turner Tax Advice Attorneys 1375 La Posada Dr, Suite #8 Brownsville, TX (956) 215'7148

Tax Relief Network of Brownsville 2721 Boca Chica Blvd, #9 Brownsville, TX (512) 253'1877

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