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There are Delaware Domestic Violence Shelters providing a safe place of refuge helping to save the lives of women and their children who are the most common victims of domestic violence.

When you are searching for a safe place that can take care of abused and battered women and children, it is important to remember that your abuser could easily access your Internet activities if you are using the same computer or network. Take the necessary precautionary measures to avoid additional conflicts and use a different computer (at the library, at work or at a friend’s house), one he/she cannot access. If you are using a PC that is vulnerable, make sure you cover your tracks by deleting all e-mails and web browser usage and history.

Call 911 immediately if you feel that you or your children are in imminent danger. Also, domestic violence crisis counseling can be accessed by phone or in person which offer support and intervention groups for battered and abused women and children. In some cases, free legal help can be obtained for the low-income families.

Here's a list of Delaware domestic violence shelters for women and children:

Domestic Violence Advocacy Center, 22 The Circle Georgetown, DE 19947-1500 Phone: (302) 856-5843

Children's Advocacy Center, Hotline: 1-800-422-4453 Phone: (302) 651-4566

CONTACT Rape Crisis, P.O. Box 61 Milford, DE 19963 Hotline: (800) 262-9800 Phone: (302) 761-9100

People’s Place II, Inc. 1129 Airport Road Milford, DE 19963 Kent and Sussex Counties County Phone: (302) 422-8058

The Safe Program, 1129 Airport Road Milford, DE 19963 Phone: (302) 422-8058 (24 hour) Kent & Sussex Counties Phone: (302) 678-3886 (24 hour) Northern Kent County

Turning Point at People's Place, 1129 Airport Road Milford, DE 19963 Phone: (302) 677-2711

Catholic Charities, 2601 West 4th Street Wilmington, DE Phone: (302) 655-9624

Children and Families First, 2005 Baynard Boulevard Wilmington, DE 19802 Phone: 800-734-2388

Child, Inc. 507 Philadelphia Pike Wilmington, DE New Castle County Hotline: (302) 762-6110 Phone: (302) 762-8989 Phone: (302) 762-6111

Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 100 W. 10th Street, Suite 703 Wilmington , DE 19801 Phone: (302) 658-2958 Phone: (800) 701-0456

Latin American Community Center, (Bilingual) 403 North Van Buren Wilmington, DE 19805 Hotline: (302) 655-7338

State of Delaware Violent Crimes Compensation Board, 900 North King Street Suite 4 Wilmington, DE 19801 Hotline: 800-464-HELP (The Delaware Helpline) Phone: (302) 255-1770

YWCA Delaware, 709 North Madison Wilmington, DE 19801 New Castle County Phone: (302) 658-7110

Abriendo Puertas Bilingual, Hotline Sussex County Hotline: (302) 745-9874 (24 hours) Phone: (302) 855-9515

Adult Protective Services, New Castle County Phone: (800) 223-9074

Child, Inc. Legal Program Hotline: (302) 762-6110 Phone: (302) 762-8989

City of Dover Police Department Victim Assistance Program Phone: (302) 736-7134

Delaware Victim's Center Phone: (800) 842-8461

Department of Justice Victim/Witness Assistance-Domestic Violence Unit Kent and Sussex County, Phone: (800) 870-1790

Division of Family Services Child Abuse, Hotline Phone: (800) 292-9582

New Castle County Police Victim Assistance Program Phone: (302) 395-8135

Wilmington Department of Police Victim Assistance Program, Phone: (302) 576-3622 Phone: (302) 576-3648

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