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Get representation by experienced Fontana tax attorneys for your business or yourself before the Internal Revenue Service, the IRS. 

The IRS has the power to put a lien on your home, garnish your wages, seize money from your bank account, take your your car and your retirement account, and charge a number of significant penalties. You want someone to step in to deal with the IRS in your place, you do not want to deal with them yourself.

Tax attorneys handle various levels of tax controversies: advising, mitigate their clients tax liability, investigating potential breaches of the law, drafting contracts or other legal documents and representing clients in tax court.


Medina Immigration & Income Tax Service 9161 Sierra Ave Ste 201B Fontana, CA 92335 (909) 357'2600

Inland Empire Tax Attorney Group 648 W 4th St # 5 San Bernardino, CA 92410 (909) 907'8733

Tax Lawyers Now 10211 Juniper Avenue #81 Fontana, CA (888) 605'5608

Chapman's IRS Tax Lawyers 9850 Sierra Ave, Suite #1 Fontana, CA (562) 352'6307

The Larochelle Tax Lawyers 9954 Sierra Ave, Fontana, CA Fontana, CA (909) 245'0825

Skoog IRS Tax Lawyers 16225 Sierra Lakes Pky, #11 Fontana, CA Fontana, CA (909) 368'0011

J.R. IRS Tax Lawyers 16055 Foothill Boulevard, Suite #1 Fontana, CA (909) 748'1474

The Roberts IRS Tax Lawyers 16055 Foothill Blvd, Suite #11 Fontana, CA (909) 368'0010

Tax Settlement Lawyers 16954 Foothill Boulevard #84 Fontana, CA (888) 605'5612

Lawyers for Tax Relief 16756 Arrow Boulevard Fontana, CA (888) 605'5618

The Tax Relief Lawyers 9961 Sierra Ave Fontana, CA (888) 605'5619

The Hofer IRS Tax Lawyer Group 13819 Foothill Blvd, Suite # 1 Fontana, CA (909) 334'1240

Tax Attorney 9865 Sierra Avenue, Suite 15 Fontana, CA (888) 577'9082

Tax Relief Lawyers 8982 Sierra Avenue #82 Fontana, CA (888) 605'5609

IRS Tax Attorney 16196 Foothill Boulevard, Suite 16 Fontana, CA (888) 577'9083

Fontana's IRS Tax Defenders 17099 Valley Boulevard Fontana, CA (909) 302'1614

Collier's Tax Group 15068 Summit Ave,, Suite #321 Fontana, CA (909) 318'0284

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