Dedicated FREMONT DUI lawyers provide legal counsel and representation to its clients throughout the area.

A DWI conviction requires a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or above, but drivers can be cited for driving while intoxicated by drugs or other substance in their system.

DWI arrest and conviction will cost a high amount of money once you add up everything from DUI/DWI fine, attorney fees, bail, court costs, car towing, impoundment, fees to retain a driver’s license, fees to regain a driver’s license, probation costs, fees for extended proof of insurance, and insurance rate hikes.


Cohen Mark P.C. Law Office of 39510 Paseo Padre Pkwy Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 792,4008

Intoxalock Ignition Interlock 3824 Union St Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 253,0330

Choyce Law Firm 39210 State St Ste 100 Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 734,3145

Scranton Law Firm 39465 Paseo Padre Pkwy Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 494,0136

Steven J. Alpers, Attorney At Law 39300 Civic Center Dr Ste 110 Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 792,5110

Gjel Accident Attorneys 39159 Paseo Padre Pkwy Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 794,9441

Beles & Beles 39560 Stevenson Pl Ste 217 Fremont, CA 94539 (510) 505,9300

The Law Offices of Leon J Mezzetti Jr. 39300 Civic Center Dr (877) 791,1836

Earl L. Jiang, Attorney at Law 39111 Paseo Padre Pkwy (510) 792,8668

The Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant 39111 Paseo Padre Pkwy (888) 392,9378

The Jagroop Law Office 39899 Balentine Dr (510) 556,4013

Red Metric Law 39111 Paseo Padre Pwkwy (510) 999,5879

Bonjour Thorman Burns &Dahm 39510 Paseo Padre PkwY (510) 785,8400

Law Office of Kurt K. Robinson 38930 Blacow Rd (510) 825,4453

The Choyce Law Firm 39210 State ST (707) 422,1202

Knutsen Law Offices 39510 Paseo Padre Pkwy (510) 713,2880

Cynthia Cho 3900 Newpark Mall Rd (510) 818,0018

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