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Experienced Hayward DUI lawyers have the ability to handle drunk driving cases and to negotiate a lighter sentence or even a dismissal of your case. 

Police officers can pull you over and conduct a traffic stop on your vehicle if they have a REASONABLE SUSPICION that the driver of the vehicle may have violated the law. The reasons for the stop may include: making an unsafe lane change, speeding, failing to stop at a red traffic signal, driving too slow, weaving within or outside your lane of traffic, or other unsafe driving conduct.

After being pulled over, the police officer will investigate you further, looking to find PROBABLE CAUSE to arrest you. This may include exhibiting indications such as: glazed eyes, the odor of alcohol, stumbling, open containers in the vehicle, slurring your speech, the driver’s admission to consuming alcohol, or other indication of being under the influence.


DUI INTERLOCK SERVICE OF CALIFORNIA 22328 Mission Blvd Hayward, CA 94541 (510) 885'8829

The Choyce Law Firm 225 W Winton Ave Hayward, CA 94544 (510) 734'3145

McDonald, Nancy K. Attorney at Law 225 W Winton Ave Suite 125 Hayward, CA 94544 (510) 785'1150

Nadrich & Cohen, LLP 24301 Southland Dr Suite 214-h Hayward, CA 94545 (510) 342'5780

Bonjour Thorman Baray & Billingsley 24301 Southland Dr Ste 312 Hayward, CA 94545 (510) 785'8400

Ticket Crushers, A Law Corporation 777 Southland Dr Ste 203 Hayward, CA 94545 (866) 842'5384

Beles Robert J 713 A St Hayward, CA 94541 (510) 889'7800

Frederick Remer, Attorney  1260 B St Ste 220 Hayward, CA 94541 (510) 887'6880

Phil Schnayerson Law Office 225 W Winton Ave Hayward, CA 94544 (510) 887'7445

Jules F Boniour Atty At Law 24301 Southland Dr Ste 308 Hayward, CA 94545 (510) 785'8400

Michael P Thorman Attorney 24301 Southland Dr Ste 308 Hayward, CA 94545 (510) 785'8400

Billingsley David Attorney At Law 24301 Southland Dr Ste 505 Hayward, CA 94545 (510) 785'8400

Morell Law Office 24301 Southland Dr Hayward, CA 94545 (510) 293'9440

Sergio H. Benavides 24301 Southland Drive Suite 212 B Hayward, CA 94545 (415) 867'5181

Lynn Gorelick 24301 Southland Drive Suite 620 Hayward, CA 94545 (510) 785'1444

Amy Morell 24301 Southland Drive Suite 620 Hayward, CA 94545 (510) 293'9440

Bruce Hall Atwater III 1260 B St Hayward, CA 94541 (510) 888'7050

Jesse Joseph Garcia 225 W Winton Ave Ste 208 Hayward, CA 94544 (510) 887'7445

Louis Goodman 1290 B St Hayward, CA 94541 (510) 582'9090

Andree Desam Taylor 24301 Southland Dr Ste 404 Hayward, CA 94545 (888) 842'9422

Philip Allen Schnayerson 225 W Winton Ave Hayward, CA 94544 (510) 887'7445

Vicki Asunta Jensen 24072 Myrtle St Hayward, CA 94541 (510) 785'5700

Robert William Lyons 295 W Winton Ave Hayward, CA 94544 (510) 782'6161

Amy Treanor Morell 24301 Southland Dr Ste 620 Hayward, CA 94545 (510) 293'9440

Guy Ellery Louie 225 West Winton Avenue- Suite 200 Hayward, CA 94533 (925) 234'1440 

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