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Find the right tax relief by hiring first-rate Inglewood tax attorneys if you’re struggling with tax matters like IRS liens, outstanding bills, overdue returns, or wage garnishments.

The IRS has the power to put a lien on your home, garnish your wages, seize money from your bank account, take your your car and your retirement account, and charge a number of significant penalties. You want someone to step in to deal with the IRS in your place, you do not want to deal with them yourself.

Tax attorneys represent clients in tax court and handle various levels of tax controversies: advising, drafting contracts, investigating potential breaches of the law, mitigating their clients tax liability, or other legal issues.


Gordon Back Tax Group 10819 Hawthorne Blvd # 6 Inglewood, CA 90304 (310) 507'9234

Allan Tax Debt Attorneys 500 E Manchester Blvd # 7 Inglewood, CA 90301 (909) 281'5092

Collins Law Group 3330 W Manchester Blvd Inglewood, CA 90305 (310) 677'9787

Tax Lawyers Today 230 North La Brea Avenue Inglewood, CA (888) 605'5616

Tax Lawyers Now 1050 South Prairie Avenue Inglewood, CA (888) 605'5608

Tax Lawyers Now 950 South La Brea Avenue Inglewood, CA (888) 605'5608

Albright IRS Tax Lawyers 1403 Centinela Ave, Suite #6 Inglewood, CA (310) 853'5478

Lawyers for Tax Relief 250 North La Brea Avenue #60 Inglewood, CA (888) 605'5618

Tax Relief Lawyers Now 230 North La Brea Avenue Inglewood, CA (888) 605'5615

The Tax Relief Lawyers 500 East Manchester Boulevard #88 Inglewood, CA (888) 605'5619

IRS Federal Tax Relief Lawyers 555 East Hardy Street Inglewood, CA (888) 661'0213

Lawyers for Tax Relief 400 South Market Street Inglewood, CA (888) 605'5618

The Tax Relief Lawyers 1155 West Arbor Vitae Street Inglewood, CA (888) 605'5619

Tax Relief Lawyers 518 Hindry Avenue Inglewood, CA (888) 605'5609

Tax Relief Attorneys 110 North La Brea Avenue #2 Inglewood, CA (888) 605'5610

Tax Relief Attorneys 3520 West Century Boulevard Inglewood, CA (888) 605'5610

Tax Relief Attorneys 301 N Prairie Ave # 511 Inglewood, CA (888) 605'5610

IRS Tax Attorney 2606 West Manchester Boulevard, Suite 16 Inglewood, CA (888) 577'9083

Tax Attorneys Now 3321 West Century Boulevard #134 Inglewood, CA (888) 605'5617

CK Tax Help 111 North La Brea Avenue #611 Inglewood, CA (310) 504'2109

Inglewood's IRS Tax Debt Attorneys 114 N Market St, Suite #6 Inglewood, CA (310) 935'1743

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