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Mississippi Domestic Violence emergency shelters offer temporary refuge in the transitional housing program to those who need to escape from a dangerous situation in order to avoid the risk of becoming serious victims.

Shelters offer temporary refuge in the life-saving programs of emergency shelters or transitional housing to those who need to get away from a dangerous situation in order to avoid the risk of being killed, raped or seriously injured, regardless of race, age, national origin, religion, disability, marital status, or veteran status. Every single person deserves to feel safe, valued and respected.

There are various forms the ongoing abuse can negatively affect the lives of the abused, like causing depression, low self-esteem, drugs or alcohol abuse, or even worse: suicide. If you or your loved ones are in immediate danger CALL 911 for safety planning and assistance. Also, free or low-cost domestic violence attorneys can help you pursue your legal rights.

Here's a list of Mississippi domestic violence shelters for women and children:

Mississippi Legal Services Hotline: 800-498-1804

Gulf Coast Women's Center for Non-Violence, Inc. P.O. Box 333 Biloxi, MS 39533 Hotline: (228) 435-1968 or (800) 800-1396

C.A.R.E.S - 120 Coleman Street Cleveland, MS 38732 Phone: (662) 843-0111

Safe Haven, Inc. P.O. Box 5354 Columbus, MS 39704-5354 Hotline: (662) 327-6040 or (800) 890-6040

Catholic Charities, Inc. 200 North Congress Street, suite 100 Jackson, MS 39201 Hotline: (601) 366-0222 or 1-800-273-9012

Domestic Violence Project, Inc. P.O. Box 286 Jackson, MS 39201 Hotline: (601) 234-5085 or (800) 227-5764

MS Attorney General, Domestic Violence Prevention Unit, Post Office Box 220 Jackson, MS 39205-0220 Hotline: 800-829-6766 Phone: (601) 576-4445 Fax: (601) 359-4200

Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence, P.O. Box 4703 Jackson, MS 39296 Phone: (601) 981-9196 Phone: 800-898-3234 (Mon. - Fri. 8am-5pm) Fax: 601-981-2501

The Guardian Shelter For Battered Families, P.O. Box 1225 Jackson, MS 39201 Hotline: (601) 442-0142 or (800) 273-6938

Domestic Abuse Family Shelter, Inc. P.O. Box 273 Laurel, MS 39441-0273 Hotline: (800) 649-1092

Care Lodge, P.O. Box 53311715 23rd Ave Meridian, MS 39302 Hotline: 888-593-HOPE

Domestic Violence Project, Inc. P.O. Box 286 Oxford, MS 38655 Hotline: (601) 234-5085 or (800) 227-5764

The Salvation Army Domestic Violence Shelter, P.O. Box 630 Pascagoula, MS 39568 Hotline: (228) 762-8267 or (800) 382-7649

Center for Violence Prevention, P.O. Box 6279 Pearl, MS 39288-6279 Hotline: (601) 932-4198 or (800) 266-4198

S.A.F.E., Inc. P.O. Box 985 Tupelo, MS 38802-0985 Hotline: (662) 841-2273 or (800) 527-7233

Haven House Family Shelter, P.O. Box 57 Vicksburg, MS 39181 Hotline: (601) 638-0555 or (800) 898-0860

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Mississippi Domestic Violence Shelters
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