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Get the right tax relief by hiring first-rate Olathe tax attorneys who advise clients about what to do to accomplish favorable tax treatment in various situations.

The IRS has the power to put a lien on your home, garnish your wages, seize money from your bank account, take your your car and your retirement account, and charge a number of significant penalties. You want someone to step in to deal with the IRS in your place, you do not want to deal with them yourself.

Tax attorneys assist individuals to comply with the complex US tax system and navigate through the credits, deductions and exemptions allowed by the law. They also assist both individuals and businesses in tax disputes.

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Tower Back Tax Relief Attorneys 100 E Santa Fe St Olathe, KS 66061 (913) 498'9837

O.K Tax Help Services 2000 E Santa Fe St # 21 Olathe, KS 66062 (913) 738'7261

The Law Office of Patrick Lewis 104 E Poplar St Olathe, KS 66061 (913) 558'3961

Greg Heidrick CPA PA 401 S Clairborne Rd Olathe, KS 66062 (913) 397'9995

Tax Lawyers Now 102 East Park Street Olathe, KS (888) 605'5608

C Spence Stover 102 S Cherry St Ste 5 Olathe, KS 66061 (913) 791'9525

Shaner IRS Tax Lien Lawyers 13415 S Blackbob Rd Suite # 7 Olathe, KS (913) 667'2589

The Rollo IRS Tax Relief Lawyers 18101 W 119th, Suite #7 Olathe, KS (913) 543'8353

Toner Tax "12885 S Mur Len Rd Suite # 6 Olathe, KS (913) 203'1019

Lawyers for Tax Relief 90 West 156th St #84 Olathe, KS (888) 605'5618

The Tax Relief Lawyers 14 West 150th Terrace #67 Olathe, KS (888) 605'5619

The Back Tax Attorneys of Olathe 18101 W 119th Suite # 7 Olathe Olathe, KS (913) 674'5927

Tax Relief Lawyers 2026 East Santa Fe Street Olathe, KS (888) 605'5609

IRS Tax Attorney 16416 West 119th Street suite 16 Olathe, KS (888) 577'9083

Tax Relief Attorneys 444 East Santa FeStreet Olathe, KS (888) 605'5610

Vanderburg Tax Defenders "16175 W 135th St Suite # 7 Olathe, KS (913) 210'1466

O.K Tax Help Service 2000 East Santa Fe Street Olathe, KS (913) 738'7261

Buchanan Tax Group 13600 S Alden St Suite # 7 Olathe, KS (913) 210'1465

Chapman's Tax Group 1295 W 151st St, Ste 321 Olathe, KS (913) 355'1092

The B. Reed Tax Center "18101 W 119th St Suite # 6 Olathe, KS " Olathe, KS (913) 210'1746

The R. Jordan Tax Advisors "802 W Highway 56 Suite # 6 Olathe, KS (913) 203'1013

Tax Attorneys Now 18101 West 119th Street Olathe, KS (888) 605'5617

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