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Find first class Orange tax attorneys to help you comply with tax laws and handle disputes with the IRS or other tax authorities.

The IRS has the power to put a lien on your home, garnish your wages, seize money from your bank account, take your your car and your retirement account, and charge a number of significant penalties. You want someone to step in to deal with the IRS in your place, you do not want to deal with them yourself.

Tax attorneys help clients comply with individual, business, state or international taxes laws. 

They help optimize their tax situations and handle any disputes with the Internal Revenue Service.

ORANGE TAX ATTORNEYS LISTING - Free Initial Consultation

Leonard Edward R 1100 W Town And Country Rd Orange, CA 92868 (714) 973'4595

Mitchell John H Attorney At Law 600 S Main St Orange, CA 92868 (714) 972'9000

OC IRS Wage Levy Attorneys 1500 E Village Way Ste 2132 Orange, CA 92865 (714) 450'6486

E Kenneth Wall PC 1100 W Town And Country Rd Ste 1250 Orange, CA 92868 (800) 928'4023

The Law Office of Dorie A. Rogers APC 790 The City Dr S Ste 120 Orange, CA 92868 (714) 740'1160

Cannabis Law Group 333 City Blvd W Fl 17 Orange, CA 92868 (714) 937'2050

Lafave Tax Lawyers 146 S Main St,Suite #3 Orange, CA (714) 450'6487

The Chamblee IRS Tax Lawyers 2710 E Chapman Ave, suite# 3 Orange, CA (714) 503'0185

Tax Lawyers Now 3410 East Chapman Avenue Orange, CA (888) 605'5608

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