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The expertise of a PUERTO RICO criminal defense lawyer will tip the scales of justice in your favor so you can fight the charges and get back to your life.

As the defendant, the accused in this situation, you and your criminal attorney will have to appear in court to establish some type of criminal defense by challenging the validity of the prosecutions evidence and prevent a guilty verdict against you.

They will protect your freedom and get you the best defense, keeping you out of jail and from having a criminal record, in cases such as: Drugs, gang defense, probation violation, prostitution & solicitation, public intoxication, resisting arrest, vandalism, carjacking, kidnapping, sex crimes, expungement, withe collar crimes, DUI, theft, juvenile defense, domestic violence, restraining orders, violent crimes, vehicle crimes, disordely conduct, assault, firearm crimes, property crimes, felonies, hate crimes, murder, extradition.

PUERTO RICO CRIMINAL LAWYERS - Free Initial Consultation 

Juan M Rodríguez Calle 28 GG-1 Vista Azul Arecibo, PR 00612 (787) 484‘7246

Mr. Frank Pola Jr. 500 Munoz Rivera Ave. San Juan, PR 00918 (787) 250‘6666

Hilton J Garcia po box 4105 Pedro Albizus Campos 2071 Aguadilla, PR 00605 (787) 891‘5600

Jose Rivera 115 609 Ave. Tito Castro Suite 102 Ponce, PR 00716 (787) 235‘7448

Nelson Jose Francisco Alvarez-Aponte Isla verde Carolina, PR 00979 (787) 942‘0731

Fernando O. Zambrana Aviles 1225 Ponce de Leon Ave. Suite 803 San Juan, PR 00907 (787) 919‘0026

Blanca Sáez 1225 Ponce de León Avenue VIG Tower, Suite 803 San Juan, PR 00907 (787) 221‘2077

Felix A Colon-Serrano 1225 Av Juan Ponce de León VIG Tower, Suite 803 San Juan, PR 00907 (787) 396‘0125

Carlos Javier Sagardía-Abreu 954 Ave. Ponce de León 5th Floor San Juan, PR 00907 (787) 360‘7924

Carlos M. Sanchez La Costa PO Box 9023027 san juan, PR 00927 (787) 729‘4646

Ruben Cerezo-Hernandez Muñoz Rivera 414, 10th Floor San Juan, PR 00918 (787) 282‘0646

Julia Diaz-Rex Esq 350 Av Carlos Chardon San Juan, PR 00918 (787) 282‘1870

Jose A. Silva Riollano 54 Calle Hernandez Isabella, PR 00662 (787) 608‘4194

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PUERTO RICO Criminal Lawyers
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