Free Legal Aid


Companies and organizations providing Pro Bono Attorneys Alabama referrals, advocacy, protection, information and legal representation in the state.

Free or Reduced Fee Legal Services and Representation.

CASES HANDLED BY THE LEGAL AID ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: Divorce, Adoption, Domestic Violence, Bankruptcy, Consumer, Child Custody, Education, Community Economic Development, Elder Law, Employment, Health, Torts, Housing, Public Benefits, Juvenile, Wills.

Pro bono legal assistance are limited services and may only be available to clients who meet certain criteria, such as low-income individuals or victims of domestic violence.

Here is some information on how to find free legal aid:

Some bar associations have pro bono referral services that match clients with volunteer attorneys who are willing to provide free legal assistance. You can contact your local bar association to find out if they have a pro bono referral service.

Many legal aid organizations offer free or low-cost legal services to individuals who cannot afford an attorney. You can search for legal aid organizations in your area online or by contacting your local bar association.

Many law schools have clinics where law students work under the supervision of licensed attorneys to provide free legal services to the community. You can contact your local law school to see if they have a clinic that can help you.

Also, there are several legal websites including this one that connect individuals with pro bono attorneys.

Non-Profit Legal Aid Clinics - Pro Bono Attorneys AL


Legal Services Alabama Inc. 207 Montgomery St. Suite 1200 Bell Building Montgomery, AL 36104-3534 Fax: (334)264'1474 Phone: (334) 264'1471 - (334) 223'0240 and (800) 844'5342 - (877) 393'2333

Alabama State Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program PO Box 671 Montgomery AL 36101 Fax: (334)261'6310 Phone: (334)269'1515


Birmingham Volunteer Lawyers Program 2021 Second Avenue North Birmingham AL 35203 Fax: (205)328'3548 Phone: (205)251'8006 & (205)328'3540

Mobile Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Program 2102 AmSouth Bank Bldg., 107 St. Francis Street Suite 505 Mobile AL 36602-1102 Fax: (251)438'1982 Phone: (251)438'1102

Selma Disabilities Advocacy Program, Inc 701 Lauderdale Street P.O. Box 268 Selma AL 36701 Fax: (334)875'2999 Phone: (334)875'6001

Legal Services Alabama (Tuscaloosa Office) PO Box 0220967 Tuscaloosa AL 35402 Fax: (205)758'6041 Phone: 888-440'3256

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