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Social services and Pro Bono Attorneys Arizona programs available near you.

The individuals who can benefit from pro bono legal services are clients who cannot afford to pay for legal assistance, such as domestic violence victims, low-income individuals, the disabled, and the elderly.

Eligibility for free legal aid services may vary depending on the organization providing the help and the type of legal issue involved.

Legal Aid Lawyers assist low-income clients in civil cases.

CASES HANDLED: Bankruptcy, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Community Economic Development, Child Custody, Education, Consumer, Elder Law, Health, Immigration, Employment, Individual Rights, Juvenile, Housing, Real Estate, Torts, Public Benefits, Wills.

Pro bono and free legal aid organizations offer a range of legal services to individuals who cannot afford to hire a private lawyer, such as:

Pro bono organizations may offer free legal advice and consultations to individuals who have legal questions or concerns.

Pro bono organizations may provide representation in court to individuals who cannot afford to hire an attorney for court proceedings in criminal or civil areas such as family law, criminal defense, and immigration.

Free legal aid organizations may assist individuals in preparing legal documents, such as powers of attorney (POA), wills and testment, or immigration documents.

Pro bono organizations may conduct educational programs and outreach to communities to raise awareness of legal issues and provide information about legal rights and resources.

Legal aid organizations may advocate for policy changes or work to improve access to justice for individuals and communities in need.

How can I find pro bono assistance with my immigration status?

Pro bono organizations may be able to help you with your immigration status, depending on the specific services they offer and the complexity of your case.

  • Look for pro bono organizations in your area that specialize in immigration law. You can start by contacting local bar associations or searching online for referrals.
  • Once you have identified a pro bono organization, contact them to see if they can assist you with your specific case. 
  • To help the organization evaluate your case, be prepared to provide documentation such as your passport, visa, and any other relevant paperwork.
  • If the legal aid organization agrees to take on your case, you may be required to attend meetings and consultations to discuss your immigration case and provide additional information.

Other than Immigration issues pro bono organizations can help with housing issues such as:

  • Landlord-tenant disputes, eviction, and unsafe living conditions.
  • Employment issues including wage and hour disputes, work discrimination, and wrongful termination.
  • Consumer issues such as: predatory lending, debt collection, and fraud.
  • Family law issues including: child custody, divorce, and domestic violence.
  • Civil rights issues such as: police brutality, discrimination, and voting rights.

The types of civil issues that pro bono organizations can help with may vary depending on the specific organization and the organization’s resources.

To determine if you are eligible for free legal assistance and what services may be available to you, please contact your local pro bono organization or legal aid organization for more information.


AIDS Project Arizona 2417 North 3rd Street 125 Phoenix AZ 85004 Fax: (602)253'5577 Phone: (602)253'2437

Arizona Community Service Legal Assistance Affordable Housing Law Program 111 W (602)271'4930 Phone: (602)340'7356

CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES OF PHOENIX 1825 W. Northern Street Phoenix, AZ 85021 Phone: (602) 997'6105 (This organization charges nominal fee.)

Maricopa County Volunteer Lawyers Program PO Box 21538 Phoenix AZ 85003 Fax: (602)254'9059 Phone: (602)258'3434

Justice For Children P.O. Box 45500 124K Phoenix AZ 85064 Phone: (602)235'9300 and (602)235'9300

FRIENDLY HOUSE 802 S. 1st Avenue P.O. Box 3695 Phoenix, AZ 85030 Phone: (602) 257'1870 FAX: (602) 257'8278 (This organization charges nominal fee.)

Arizona Community Legal Assistance 305 S. 2nd Avenue Phoenix AZ 85003 Phone: (602)258'3434 and (602)258'3434 x2470


Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc. 766 North Park Avenue Casa Grande AZ 85222 Fax: (520)316'8063 Phone: (520)316'8076

Volunteer Lawyer Program -- DNA People's Legal Services 201 E Birch Avenue Suite 5 Flagstaff AZ 86001-5734 Fax: (928)774'9452 Phone: (928)774'0653 x4817 and (928)774'0653

Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project PO Box 654 Florence AZ 85232 Fax: (520)868'0192 Phone: (520)868'0191

Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc. - Gila, Navajo & Apache Counties Office White Mountain Legal Aid 5658 Highway 260 15 Lakeside AZ 85929 Fax: (928)537'1838 Phone: (928)537'8383

Southern Arizona Legal Aid Inc. 1071 N Grand Ave Ste 110 Nogales AZ 85621-1382 Fax: (602)620'0443 Phone: (602)287'9441

Community Legal Services, Inc/ Yavapai County Pro Bono Program 401 N Mount Vernon Ave Prescott AZ 86301-2621 Fax: (602)445'6312 Phone: (928)445'6312

CHICANOS POR LA CAUSA 312 W. Main Street P.O. Box 517 Somerton, AZ 85350 Phone: (928) 627'2042 (This organization charges nominal fee.)

Volunteer Lawyers Program Of Southern Arizona 64 E Broadway Blvd Tucson AZ 85701-1720 Phone: (520)623'9465 and (800)640'9465 Fax: (520)623'0161

Tucson AIDS Project 151 S Tucson Blvd Tucson AZ 85716 Fax: (520)884'8231 Phone: (520)882'7108

FLORENCE IMMIGRANT AND REFUGEE RIGHTS PROJECT P.O. Box 654 2601 North Highway 79 Florence, AZ 85232 Phone: (520) 8680'191

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