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Free legal help programs, pro bono attorneys Colorado and social services in the Centenial State.

Attorneys, law firms, law students and legal professionals helping the community by putting their legal skills to work for non-profit organizations providing representation and pro se assistance to victims of domestic violence.

Pro bono attorneys Colorado also handle:

AIDS/HIV, Bankruptcy, Adoption, Child Custody, Individual Rights, Education, Elder Law, Employment, Health, Immigration, Public Benefits, Community Economic Development, Housing, Consumer, Real Estate, Torts, Wills.

Services are restricted to only those who qualify under LSC guidelines. Call to find out if you qualify for free legal aid.


Metro Volunteer Lawyers 1905 Sherman Street Ste 400 Denver CO 80203-1143 Phone: (303)871`6140 Fax: (303)866`9360 Phone: (303)837`1313

Colorado Bar Association Public And Legal Services 1900 Grant St Fl 9 Denver CO 80203-4301 Phone: (303)860`1115 Fax: (303)894`0821

Colorado Lawyers Committee 370 17th Street Suite 4500 Denver CO 80202-1370 Phone: (303)894`6366 Fax: (303)894`9239

Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network 1776 S Jackson St Denver CO 80210 Phone: (303)757`3334 Fax: (303)757`1776 Phone: (303)866`9308


Boulder County Legal Services 1790 30th Street 301 Boulder CO 80301-1020 Phone: (303)449`7575 Fax: (303)447`3167

Boulder County AIDS Project Pro Bono Attorney Team 2118 14th St Boulder CO 80302 Phone: (303)441`6121 (303)444`0260 Case Types: AIDS/HIV


Colorado Legal Services - Colorado Springs Office 617 S Nevada Ave Colorado Springs CO 0903-4005 Phone: (719)471`0380 Fax: (719)471`1412 Phone: (719)471`0380

Case Types: Adoption, Bankruptcy, Consumer, Child Custody, Dissolution of Marriage, Domestic Violence, Education, Elder Law, Employment, Housing, Public Benefits

Southern Colorado AIDS Project 1301 S 8th St Colorado Springs CO 80903 Phone: (719)578`9092 Fax: (719)578`8690 Case Types: AIDS/HIV

Colorado Legal Services - Colorado Springs Office 617 S Nevada Ave Colorado Springs CO 80903-4005 Phone: (719)471`0380 Fax: (719)471`1412 Phone: (719)471`0380

Case Types: Adoption, Bankruptcy, Consumer, Child Custody, Dissolution of Marriage, Domestic Violence, Education, Elder Law, Employment, Housing, Public Benefits

Southern Colorado AIDS Project 1301 S 8th St Colorado Springs CO 80903 Phone: (719)578`9092 Fax: (719)578`8690 Case Types: AIDS/HIV

OTHER CITIES - Pro Bono Attorneys Colorado

Southwest Bar Volunteer Legal Aid, Inc. 1474 Main Ave Suite 200 Durango CO 81301-5195 Phone: (970)247`0266 Fax: (970)385`7378 Phone: (888)298`8483

Northwest Colorado Legal Services PO Box 2694 Frisco CO 80443-2694 Phone: (970)668`9612 Fax: (970)668`9612 Phone: (800)521`6968

Alpine Legal Services 109 8th Street Ste 304 Glenwood Springs CO 81601-3363 Phone: (970)945`8858 Fax: (970)945`7785

Pro Bono Project Of Mesa County - Delta County Bar Association Pro Bono Project 200 North 6th Street 203 Grand Junction CO 81501 Phone: (970)243`7940 Fax: (970)243`7814

Weld County Legal Services P.O. Box 1283 Greeley CO 80632 Phone: (970)351`7300 ext. 4514 Fax: (970)356`4356

Northwest Colorado Legal Services PO Box 1904 Leadville CO 80461-1904 Phone: (719)486`3238 Fax: (719)486`2493

Uncompahgre Volunteer Legal Aid 307 E Main Fl 2 Montrose CO 81401-3961 Phone: (970)249`7202

Delta-Montrose Free Legal Services Address: P.O. Box 663 Montrose CO 81402 Phone: (970)249`9658

Heart of The Rockies Bar Association Pro Bono Program 1604 H Street Salida CO 81201 Phone: (719)539`4251 Fax: (719)539`3020

Northeast Colorado Legal Services Pro Bono Program 350 Hagen Street, NJC Technical Building Sterling CO 80751 Phone: (970)522`6391 Fax: (970)522`6391

IMMIGRATION - Pro Bono Attorneys Colorado

CATHOLIC IMMIGRATION SERVICES CATHOLIC CHARITIES 4045 Pecos Street Denver, CO 80211 (303) 742`4971

Will represent aliens in asylum.
May charge a nominal fee.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN SURVIVORS CENTER 1547 Gaylord St. Denver, CO 80206 (303) 321`3221

Will represent aliens in asylum.
Aliens must be torture survivors to qualify for legal services.
Will not represent detained aliens.

CATHOLIC CHARITIES 1004 Grand Ave. Glenwood Springs, CO 81601 (970) 384`2060

CATHOLIC CHARITIES 2500 1st Ave., Bldg. CB Greeley, CO 80631 (970) 353`6433


1. Denver - 554,636 people

2. Colorado Springs - 360,890 people

3. Aurora - 276,393 people

4. Lakewood - 144,126 people

5. Fort Collins - 118,652 people

6. Arvada - 102,153 people

7. Pueblo - 102,121 people

8. Westminster - 100,940 people

9. Boulder - 94,673 people

10. Thornton - 82,384 people

Finding Free Legal Aid in Colorado:

A Comprehensive Guide

In Colorado, accessing legal assistance is crucial for individuals facing various challenges. This comprehensive guide explores the process, options, and benefits of finding free legal aid in the state. From understanding the purpose to delving into the definition and benefits, this guide aims to provide detailed insights to help you navigate the landscape of legal aid.

I. Introduction

Navigating Legal Challenges: Finding Free Legal Aid in Colorado

II. Understanding the Purpose of Free Legal Aid

Unraveling the Core Objectives

  • Equal Access to Justice: Ensuring that everyone, regardless of financial circumstances, has the right to legal representation.
  • Community Empowerment: Fostering a society where individuals can assert their legal rights and address legal issues effectively.

III. Defining Free Legal Aid in Colorado

Deciphering the Terminology

  • Pro Bono Services: Legal assistance provided voluntarily and without charge to individuals who cannot afford traditional legal representation.
  • Legal Aid Organizations: Nonprofit entities offering free or low-cost legal services to those in need.

IV. Benefits of Accessing Free Legal Aid

Empowering Individuals through Legal Support

  • Financial Relief: Alleviating the financial burden associated with legal representation.
  • Expert Guidance: Tapping into the knowledge and experience of legal professionals.
  • Enhanced Access to Justice: Ensuring that legal assistance is not a privilege but a right for all.

V. How to Find Free Legal Aid in Colorado

Insights into the Process

  • Legal Aid Organizations: An overview of reputable organizations offering free legal services in Colorado.
  • Pro Bono Networks: Connecting individuals with attorneys willing to provide voluntary assistance.
  • Government Programs: Exploring state-sponsored legal aid programs for specific issues.

VI. FAQs about Finding Free Legal Aid in Colorado

Addressing Common Queries

  1. What types of legal issues are covered by free legal aid in Colorado? Free legal aid in Colorado covers a range of issues, including housing, family law, employment, and immigration matters.
  2. How do I qualify for free legal aid in Colorado? Eligibility criteria vary, but generally, it is based on income and the nature of the legal issue. Legal aid organizations can provide specific information.
  3. Are there limitations to the services provided by free legal aid? While many services are comprehensive, some may have limitations. It's essential to discuss your case with the legal aid provider for detailed information.
  4. Can I switch lawyers if I'm not satisfied with the one assigned through free legal aid? In some cases, you may be able to request a change, but it's crucial to communicate your concerns with the legal aid organization to explore options.
  5. Is free legal aid available for criminal cases in Colorado? Free legal aid may be available for certain types of criminal cases, but the scope varies. Contact legal aid organizations for case-specific information.

VII. Navigating the Legal Aid Landscape in Colorado

Strategies for Success

  • Researching Legal Aid Organizations: Ensuring credibility and reputation.
  • Preparing for Legal Consultations: Maximizing the benefits of free legal aid by being well-prepared.

VIII. Conclusion

Empowering Your Legal Journey: Leveraging Free Legal Aid in Colorado

Finding free legal aid in Colorado is a valuable resource for individuals navigating legal challenges. Understanding the purpose, definition, and benefits ensures that Coloradans can access justice without financial barriers. This guide provides a roadmap to connect individuals with the legal support they need, fostering a community where legal rights are protected and upheld.

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