Free Legal Aid Organizations


Find pro bono attorneys Delaware and organization of volunteer Lawyers providing free legal services for low income individuals and families.

Some services include: Bankruptcy, Domestic Violence, Consumer, Elder Law, Health, Employment, Housing, Juvenile, Public Benefits, Individual Rights, Wills.

DELAWARE LEGAL AID SOCIETY 913 Washington Street Wilmington, Delaware 19801 Phone: (302)575`0660

Office Of The Child Advocate 900 King Street 210 Wilimington DE 19801-3341 Fax: (302)577`6831 Phone: (302)577`6830 and (302)577`6830

Delaware Volunteer Legal Services, Inc. PO Box 7306 Wilmington DE 19803-0306 Fax: (302)477`2227 Phone: (302)478`8680 and (302)478`8850

Community Legal Aid Society 840 Walker Rd, Dover, DE 19904 Phone:(302) 674`8503

Community Legal Aid Society 20151 Office Cir, Georgetown, DE 19947 Phone:(302) 856`0038

Legal Services Corporation of Delaware, Inc. 100 West 10th Street, Suite 203 Wilmington, DE 19801 Phone: (302)575`0408 Fax: (302)575`0478

Legal Services Corporation of Delaware, Inc. 24A Hiawatha Lane Dover, Delaware 19904 Phone: (302)734`8820 Fax: (302)734`8826

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