Free or Reduced-Fee Legal Services and Representation provided by Pro Bono Attorneys Maine and Non-Profit Legal Aid Clinics in the state.

Legal aid services programs and projects can include: bankruptcy, adoption, guardianship, divorce, wills, housing issues, and deceptive trade practices.

Pine Tree Legal Assistance 88 Federal Street PO Box 547 Portland, ME 04112-0547 Telephone: (207) 774`8211 Fax: (207)828`2300

Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project PO Box 547 Portland, ME 04112 Telephone: (207)774`4518 Fax: (207)828`2300

ABA/FEMA Disaster Legal Assistance Program - ABA Young Lawyers Division (Maine and Vermont) 3 Canal Plaza Portland, ME 04112 Telephone: (207)774`2500

Legal Services For The Elderly -- Legal Access Project 9 Green St. 4333 Augusta, ME 04331-2723 Telephone: (207)621`0087

ABA Military Pro Bono Project (Maine) 321 N. Clark Street Chicago, IL 60654 Telephone: (312)988`5783 Fax: (312)988`5483

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