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Legal help and assistance through pro bono attorneys Nevada project.

Attorneys, law firms, legal professionals and law students participate in the pro bono attorneys Nevada program helping communities by putting their legal skills to work for the low income Nevadans at no charge. 

CASES HANDLED: Divorce, Domestic Violence, Adoption, Juvenile, Child Custody, Education, Housing, Bankruptcy, Employment, Community Economic Development, Health, Consumer, Elder Law, Torts, Public Benefits, Wills.

There are pro bono lawyers in Nevada who provide free legal aid to individuals facing financial challenges. Pro bono legal services are offered by attorneys who volunteer their time and expertise to help individuals who cannot afford legal representation. The purpose of pro bono assistance is to ensure that everyone has access to justice, regardless of their financial situation.

The reasons for providing pro bono legal aid include:

Equal Access to Justice: Pro bono services aim to bridge the gap between those who can afford legal representation and those who cannot. This helps ensure that all individuals, regardless of their financial status, have equal access to the legal system.

Community Service: Many lawyers and law firms recognize the importance of giving back to the community. Offering pro bono services is a way for legal professionals to contribute to the well-being of their communities and make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Fulfillment of Professional Responsibility: In many jurisdictions, legal professionals are encouraged or required to provide a certain amount of pro bono services as part of their professional responsibility. This helps promote the ethical obligation of lawyers to serve the public interest.

Addressing Legal Disparities: Pro bono services play a crucial role in addressing legal disparities and promoting social justice. By offering free legal assistance to those who cannot afford it, pro bono lawyers contribute to a more equitable legal system.

To find pro bono legal services in Nevada, you can contact local legal aid organizations, bar associations, or nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing legal assistance to those in need.

These organizations often have programs that connect individuals with pro bono attorneys based on their legal needs and financial circumstances.


Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada 800 S 8th St Las Vegas, NV 89101 Telephone: (702)386'1070 Fax: (702)366'0569

Washoe Legal Services 299 South Arlington Avenue Reno, NV 89501 Telephone: (775)329'2727 Fax: (775)324'5509

Volunteer Attorneys For Rural Nevadans (VARN) 904 N. Nevada Street Suite B Carson City, NV 89703 Telephone: (775)883'8278 Fax: (775)883'7211

ABA/FEMA Disaster Legal Assistance Program - ABA Young Lawyers Division (Nevada and Utah) 50 W. Liberty Street Ste 1100 Reno, NV 89501 Telephone: (775)788'8644

Free legal aid services in Nevada are generally designed to assist individuals who are facing financial challenges and cannot afford to hire a private attorney. Common groups that may benefit from these services include:

Low-Income Individuals and Families: Legal aid services often target those with low income who may struggle to afford private legal representation. This can include families, individuals, and households with limited financial resources.

Victims of Domestic Violence: Many legal aid organizations provide assistance to victims of domestic violence, helping them navigate legal processes such as obtaining restraining orders or seeking legal protection.

Tenants Facing Eviction: Individuals facing eviction and housing-related issues may qualify for free legal aid services. Legal assistance can be crucial in understanding tenant rights and navigating the eviction process.

Immigrants and Refugees: Legal aid services may extend to immigrants and refugees who need assistance with immigration-related matters, asylum applications, or other legal issues related to their status.

Elderly Individuals: Seniors who are facing legal challenges, such as issues related to housing, healthcare, or financial exploitation, may be eligible for free legal aid services.

Persons with Disabilities: Individuals with disabilities may require legal assistance for issues related to disability rights, accessibility, or discrimination. Legal aid services can help protect their rights.

Unemployed or Underemployed Individuals: Individuals who are unemployed or underemployed may qualify for free legal aid services, especially if they are facing legal issues related to employment, such as wrongful termination or workplace discrimination.

Criminal Defendants with Limited Resources: While criminal defense services are typically provided by public defenders, free legal aid services may also assist individuals with limited financial resources who need legal representation in certain criminal matters.

It's important to note that eligibility criteria for free legal aid services may vary depending on the organization providing the assistance. Individuals seeking free legal aid in Nevada should contact local legal aid organizations, bar associations, or nonprofit legal services providers to determine their eligibility and obtain assistance.

Nevada nonprofit organizations serving poor communities and the most vulnerable members of our society, including abandoned and abused children, senior citizens, the unemployed, domestic violence victims, native Americans, asylum seeker immigrants, HIV, gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender, homeless families and veterans, victims of consumer fraud, low income general public and other cases.

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pro bono attorneys Nevada
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