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Pro Bono Attorneys Pennsylvania

Pro Bono Attorneys Pennsylvania volunteer their time to represent and bring civil justice for low-income people.

CASES HANDLED BY THE LEGAL AID ASSISTANCE PROGRAM: Adoption, Wills, Bankruptcy, Consumer, Child Custody, Domestic Violence, Divorce, Education, Community Economic Development, Elder Law, Employment, Housing, Landlord/Tenant, Insurance, Health, Torts, Public Benefits, Juvenile, Intellectual Property, Contract Review, and some arts-related legal issues pro bono attorneys Pennsylvania can assist.

Here are some non-profit legal organizations providing representation and pro se assistance to Pennsylvania residents.

Neighborhood Legal Services Association 928 Penn Ave Pittsburgh PA 15222-3799 Phone: (412)255`6700 Fax: (412)765`3223

Allegheny County Bar Association Indigent Divorce Program 920 City-County Bldg Pittsburgh PA 15219 Phone: (412)391`4467 and (412)402`6714 Fax: (412)261`6349

Mental Health Association Of Allegheny County 1945 Fifth Avenue Pittsburgh PA 15219 Phone: (412)391`3820 Fax: (412)391`3825

Allegheny County Bar Association Center for Volunteer Legal Resources 400 Koppers Building, 436 Seventh Avenue Ste 400 Pittsburgh PA 15219 Phone: (412)227`5100 Fax: (412)261`3622

Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts 251 South 18th Street Philadelphia PA 19103 Phone: (215)545`3385 Fax: (215)545`4839

Support Center for Child Advocates 1900 Cherry Street Philadelphia PA 19103 Phone: (215)925`1913 Fax: (215)925`4756

Fresh Start Clinic Consumer Bankruptcy Assisance Project 42 S 15th Street 4th Floor Philadelphia PA 19102 Phone: (215)523`9511 Fax: (215)981`3866

Philadelphia VIP Volunteers for the Indigent Program (VIP) 42 South 15th Street 4th Floor Philadelphia PA 19102-2505 Phone: (215)523`9550 Fax: (215)564`0845

Senior Law Center 1005 Broad Street, Land Title Building 18th Floor Philadelphia PA 19107-2935 Phone: (215)238`6390 and (215)238`6361 Fax: (215)238`1159

AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania 1211 Chestnut St Ste 1200 Philadelphia PA 19107 Phone: (215)587`9377 Fax: (215)587`9902

Pro Bono Attorneys Pennsylvania - OTHER CITIES

North Penn Legal Services (Bethlehem Office) 65 E Elizabeth Ave Ste 903 Bethlehem PA 18018-6516 Phone: (610)317`8757 Fax: (610)317`8778

Neighborhood Legal Services Association Butler Office 220 S Main St Butler PA 16001-5916 Phone: (724)282`3888 Fax: (724)282`4622

Mid Penn Legal Services (Carlisle Office) 8 Ivrine Row Carlisle PA 17013-3019 Phone: (717)243`9400 Fax: (717)243`8026

Delaware County Legal Assistance Association Pro Bono Project 410 Welsh St Chester PA 19013-4407 Phone: (610)874`8421 Fax: (610)874`2171

Legal Aid Volunteer Attorneys 1001 State St Ste 1200 Erie PA 16501-1833 Phone: (814)452`6949 Fax: (814)452`3734


Northwestern Legal Services (Franklin Office) Venango County Courthouse Franklin PA 16323 Phone: (724)867`5921 Fax: (814)677`8448

Venango County Pro Bono Program Venango County Court House Franklin PA 16323 Phone: (800)665`6957 Fax: (814)677`8448

Westmoreland County Pro Bono Program 218 South Maple Avenue Suite 103 Greensburg PA 15601 Phone: (724)837`5539 Fax: (724)837`4221

PENNSYLVANIA LEGAL SERVICES 118 Locust Street Harrisburg PA 17101 Phone: (717)236`9486

Dauphin County Bar Association 213 N Front St Harrisburg PA 17101-1493 Phone: 717-232-7536 and (717)232`0581 Fax: (717)234`4582

Southern Allegheny Legal Aid Judicare Program 616 Main St Ste 500 Johnstown PA 15901-2127 Phone: (888)244`7252 Fax: (814)535`3377

Legal Aid Of Southwestern Pennsylvania (Norristown Office) 317 Swede St Norristown PA 19401-4801 Phone: (610)275`5400 and (877)429`5994 Fax: (610)275`5406

Northern Pennsylvania Legal Services, Inc. Judicare Program 108 N Washington Ave Scranton PA 18503-1818 Phone: (717)342`0184 Fax: (717)342`4301

Lackawanna Pro Bono, Inc. 321 Spruce St 5th Floor Scranton PA 18503-1400 Phone: (570)961`2714 Fax: (570)961`2715

Cases: Consumer, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Child Custody, Education, Wills, Landlord/tenant, mortgage, foreclosure, unemployement compensation, debtor-creditor, SSI termination, Housing, Public Benefits, Torts

State College
Keystone Legal Services, Inc. Pro Bono Project 2054 E College Ave State College PA 16801-7201 Phone: (814)238`4958 and (800)32`69177 Fax: (814)238`9504 (800)326`9177

Wilkes Barre
North Penn Legal Services (Wilkes-Barre Office) 15 Public Sq Ste 410 Wilkes Barre PA 18701-1704 Phone: (570)825`8567 Fax: (570)824`0001

Mid Penn Legal Services/York County Bar Association Pro Bono Program 256 E Market St York PA 17403-2013 Phone: (717)848`3605 Fax: (717)854`5431

Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center 3214 N. Market Street York PA 17402 Phone: (717)846`1956 Fax: (717)845`8700

Where to Find Legal Programs and Organizations Offering Free Legal Help in Pennsylvania

If you're facing legal challenges and financial constraints in Pennsylvania, finding free legal assistance can be crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the landscape of legal programs and organizations dedicated to helping low-income individuals navigate the complexities of the legal system in the Keystone State.

Table of Contents:


  • Understanding the Need for Free Legal Help in Pennsylvania
  • Importance of Accessible Legal Assistance for Low-Income Individuals

Legal Aid Organizations in Pennsylvania

  • Overview of Legal Aid Services
  • Role and Mission of Legal Aid Organizations
  • Key Legal Aid Organizations in Pennsylvania

Government Programs for Free Legal Assistance

  • State and Local Initiatives
  • How to Qualify for Government-funded Legal Aid
  • Overview of Eligibility Criteria

Pro Bono Services in Pennsylvania

  • What Are Pro Bono Legal Services?
  • Law Firms and Lawyers Providing Pro Bono Assistance
  • How to Connect with Pro Bono Services

Community Legal Clinics

  • Role of Community Legal Clinics
  • Locations and Schedules
  • Services Offered at Community Legal Clinics

Online Resources for Free Legal Help

  • Digital Platforms Providing Legal Assistance
  • How to Navigate and Access Online Legal Resources
  • Virtual Consultations and Assistance

FAQs: Where to Find Legal Help in Pennsylvania

Q: How can I find free legal help in Pennsylvania?

A: There are various avenues to explore for free legal assistance in Pennsylvania. Legal aid organizations, government-funded programs, pro bono services, and community legal clinics are among the resources available to individuals facing financial constraints.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for government-funded legal aid in Pennsylvania?

A: Eligibility criteria for government-funded legal aid often include income thresholds and other factors. Specific requirements may vary depending on the program. It's advisable to check with the respective organization or initiative for precise eligibility details.

Q: Are there online resources for free legal help in Pennsylvania?

A: Yes, Pennsylvania offers online resources for free legal assistance. Various digital platforms provide information, resources, and even virtual consultations to help individuals navigate legal challenges without the need for in-person visits.

Q: How do pro bono services work in Pennsylvania?

A: Pro bono services involve legal professionals providing their expertise free of charge to individuals in need. Law firms and individual lawyers in Pennsylvania often participate in pro bono work as part of their commitment to community service. Connecting with these services can be done through legal aid organizations or directly with participating firms.

Q: Can I get free legal help at community legal clinics in Pennsylvania?

A: Yes, community legal clinics in Pennsylvania are established to provide free legal assistance to those who cannot afford traditional legal services. These clinics are often hosted at community centers, libraries, or other accessible locations and offer services such as consultations, advice, and information on legal matters.

Q: How can I ensure I receive the most relevant assistance from free legal aid services?

A: To receive the most relevant assistance, it's crucial to provide accurate and detailed information about your legal situation when seeking help. Be prepared to share relevant documents and communicate openly with the legal professionals or volunteers assisting you. This ensures that the guidance and support you receive are tailored to your specific needs.

Benefits of Seeking Free Legal Help

  • Breaking Down Barriers to Legal Access
  • Empowering Low-Income Individuals
  • Positive Impact on Communities and Society


  • Recap of Available Resources
  • Encouragement to Seek Legal Help Without Financial Burden

In Pennsylvania, access to legal assistance should not be a privilege. This guide aims to empower you with knowledge about the diverse avenues available for free legal help, ensuring that everyone, regardless of financial status, can navigate the legal system with confidence. Whether it's through established legal aid organizations, government programs, pro bono services, or online resources, help is within reach for those who need.

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